Rudie Venderbosch

Research Scientist at the Strategic Research Group Polymer & Resin Science in Deventer, The Netherlands

Hi, My name is Rudie Venderbosch. I’ve been working for AkzoNobel for 23 years and now work in the Strategic Research Group Polymer & Resin Science in Deventer. I did my bachelors study in analytical and organic chemistry and my first contact with AkzoNobel was during my traineeship in Hengelo. After finishing my degree, I started at a smaller company, but I was looking for a broader scope of possibilities, and AkzoNobel provided those opportunities for me.


As a research scientist I am involved in a number of projects. One of those projects is for Decorative Paints. The goal of the project is to try to find a more environmentally friendly catalyst. Why do we do this? We can provide the capabilities and expertise to do an in-depth study in this high tech environment.

In the Strategic Research Group, we participate in research and development projects and sometimes lead them. We work together with colleagues from other strategic research groups and with colleagues from the business units. Cooperation and communication within the project is a combination of live meetings supported by all available communication tools. We discuss the progress of the project and how to proceed. That may include a thorough study of the process but also an in-depth study of the chemistry that forms the basis for those processes.

Working at AkzoNobel has given me the opportunities I was looking for, and maybe even a bit more. That’s what working at AkzoNobel is all about.