Wood Coatings

We have a long history with wood, and we know a lot about it. Many of our employees have grown up in the industry and come from families of craftsman, chemists and designers in various wood products industries. Generations of families have worked in our plants, and we take pride in developing the talents and skills of our people to help them, as well as our customers, succeed. Our people are what set us apart from our competition, and they truly are the reason we’re a world leader in wood finishes and adhesives.

Wood finishes

For nearly 200 years, the world’s leading manufacturers of cabinetry, furniture, flooring and building products (doors and windows) have depended on AkzoNobel industrial wood finishes to beautify and protect their products. We offer a range of products that meet the unique specifications of our customers and also meet country and regional regulations.  AkzoNobel is our primary brand for OEM manufacturers around the world.  Find out more about how we can help you put the finishing touch for success on your wood products.

Color styling

Color is all around us and influences our lives in many ways. Our color experts look to fashion, architecture and design to determine key trends for the upcoming year. The resulting knowledge is shared across our global wood finishes facilities.

We use these insights into emerging trends to formulate finishes that allow our customers to deliver products highly desirable to consumers. We interface with designers and product development teams from around the world on an ongoing basis to insure that our customers stay ahead of the trends instead of following them.

Our goal is to take our customers’ product vision, support it with creative finishes that are efficient, consistent and sustainable. Our expert color stylists and highly skilled wood technicians are ready to offer our customers the specialized help they need to bring their visions to life at any stage of the process - from sketchpad, to wood selection, to choosing and creating the perfect finish.


Our adhesives

Engineered wood and laminates are an important part of the wood products industry. And, for over 80 years, we’ve provided the innovative and market-leading wood adhesives and board resins that make engineered wood products a more dimensional, durable, and stable substrate than solid wood. Learn more about how we can bond with your business and help take it to the next level.

For more information please visit our website Adhesives.