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Advantage Yacht Coatings

Akzo Nobel will be helping tennis superstars such as Andre Agassi and Venus Williams to call the shots at this month’s Wimbledon championships.

A company called Bow Brand International has been providing a racket stringing service for players at the annual event for the last 14 years—strings that are protected by products developed by Akzo Nobel.

International’s Perfection yacht varnishes, renowned for their waterfproofing properties, are applied to the strings to protect them from climatic changes and extend their longevity.

“We discovered that International’s yacht varnishes were the only ones that would do the job properly,” explained Bow Brand’s sales manager, Frances Davies.

Perfection colored gloss versions are also used to create logos on the strings, which are made from natural gut—beef intestines imported mainly from Ireland.

“Bow Brand decided about seven years ago that only International products would stand up to the extreme punishment given to the racket strings,” said Giles Thom, Yacht Coatings’ area sales manager for the UK east coast.

Perfection varnishes also have another novel application. They are used by Bow Brand on 70 per cent of the world’s supply of natural gut harp strings.

(Released: June 21, 2001)