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Akzo Nobel appoints Director CSR and HSE

PRESSRELEASE: André Veneman is to be appointed as Akzo Nobel's Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Health, Safety and the Environment.

“Sustainability and CSR are increasingly important issues in today’s society and business. HSE constitutes an integral part of this responsibility. The process of improvement in this area is a long-term combined effort of learning and implementation. Activities need to be explicit, measurable and reportable, focusing on employees, investors and NGOs,” said Dag Strömqvist, Member of Akzo Nobel’s Board of Management. “Akzo Nobel intends to place an enhanced focus on this issue by appointing a coordinator at corporate level for CSR and HSE.”

Mr. Veneman joined Akzo Nobel in 1999 as Corporate Health Advisor, a responsibility which he retains, and was previously employed within Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies and ZOA Refugee Care.

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