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AkzoNobel showcases sustainable coatings for tall buildings

Skyscraper cities were the focus of a major international forum held in New York this week, when AkzoNobel showcased its latest performance coatings technologies for the construction industry.

the annual Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBH), the company also presented a white paper – Skyscraper Cities: Built to Last – which emphasized how the right coatings technology can provide modern buildings with extreme levels of durability and sustainability.

of companies from around the world attended the event to discuss topics around the design, construction and operation of tall buildings and cities of the future.

"It's crucial that the upscale glass and metal curtain wall systems on modern constructions are technologically sufficient to meet contemporary standards of durability," explained Ben Mitchell, Extrusion Marketing Manager at AkzoNobel.

"Certifying and specifying the correct coating solution for each skyscraper's individual situation will help optimize the service life of the entire structure. Understanding coating performance and testing procedure on tall building finishes also helps to address environmental concerns."

Jean-Paul Moonen, AkzoNobel's Global Architecture Powder Coating Marketing Manager: "There has been a shift in the building industry towards solvent-free powder coatings, driven by concern about products with VOCs. Powder coatings bring a great deal of efficiency, with waste reduced to below one percent during application."

company's white paper also highlighted a combined solution of applying liquid and powder coatings to new construction. This offers more flexibility for building design in terms of color choice and performance preference.

more sustainable solutions for urban areas is also a key element of AkzoNobel's Human Cities initiative, which is focused on helping cities to meet the growing demands of rapid urbanization.