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AkzoNobel tunes up for launch of "singing" paint

Paint pioneers AkzoNobel have developed new technology which is set to pump up the volume for 21st century lifestyles and revolutionize the way people listen to music.

The company's scientists have created an ultrasonic coating – or singing paint – which can turn surfaces into surround sound speakers.

Known as LiquidSoundz, the breakthrough paint ‘n’ play technology uses embedded nanobots to convert signals from audio devices, which are transmitted via a downloadable app known as the Wall of Soundz.

"We know that our paint looks awesome, so we set out to try and make it sound really cool as well," explains Filip Aroo, who conducted the project. "We're always trying to increase the tempo of our innovation and we're confident that LiquidSoundz will meet with a chorus of approval from music fans everywhere."

The key to the new technology lies in the funky nanotechnology embedded in the pigments, which is capable of receiving audio signals and then generating the sound waves that make those signals audible.

Launch colors will include, Red Zeppellin, Teal Diamond, Fleetwood Black, Run DM Sepia, Depeche Mauve and Chris de Burgundy.

"This is an incredibly exciting breakthrough which heralds a new wave for the coatings industry," notes AkzoNobel’s Head of Nanotech Coatings, Dr Peri Neal. "I think it's fair to say it could be music to the ears of many designers and architects, not to mention anyone who is thinking of jazzing up their homes. Your walls can now quite literally sing the blues – or the reds, greens or yellows."

Adds Neal: "LiquidSoundz rocks. It’s completely in tune with modern lifestyles and I think customers will be singing its praises once it makes its live debut."

Both the LiquidSoundz paint range and the Wall of Soundz app will be available soon. In the meantime, you can find out more and see the complete color palette by visiting

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