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AkzoNobel Website Turns Over a New Leaf

AkzoNobel has launched its redesigned corporate website as part of the latest phase of the company’s global rebranding.

The intuitive new design concept, which will be rolled out to all country and business websites, puts a strong emphasis on storytelling and features increased interactive content designed to give visitors a more informed experience.

“By offering interactive short stories highlighting what the company actually does, we are painting a much clearer picture of what the AkzoNobel brand stands for and what Tomorrow's Answers Today really means,” explained Manager of Digital Communications Bram Koster.

He added that the redesign – which follows an initial launch in April – also offers more opportunities to use specific web content such as video and animations.

Another new feature is a portal page which acts as an online “reception area”. It enables visitors to click through to the information they’re looking for without having to go through the corporate website first.

Created by LBi Lost Boys and implemented by Getronics Consulting, the new design also includes more prominent use of product brands, while all product brand websites will feature an AkzoNobel endorsement.

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