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Artwork Marks the Spot

One of the main attractions at this year's Floriade 2002 event being staged in the Netherlands won't be hard to spot, thanks to Akzo Nobel.

One of the highlights of this year’s Floriade 2002 event is looking resplendent thanks to the help of two Akzo Nobel coatings businesses.

Held in the Netherlands every ten years, the Floriade—which showcases every aspect of Dutch horticulture—is this year being staged in the district of Haarlemmermeer and one of the main attractions is a 40 meter high man-made mound known as Big Spotters’ Hill.

A special work of art—created by Dutch artist Auke de Vries—adorns the top of the hill and it’s this steel structure which has been coated by Akzo Nobel.

International Protective Coatings supplied Interseal 670 HS epoxy primer and Interthane 236 polyurethane paint to protect the steel against the elements, with a total of 1,300 liters being needed to coat an area measuring 3,500 square meters. Car Refinishes also supplied 80 liters of a special gold paint for the artwork.

Big Spotters' Hill, which provides an overview of the entire Floriade site, was created using 500,000 cubic meters of sand and has the same dimensions as those of the Pyramids of Cheops in Egypt. It dominates one of the three zones that make up the 65 hectare site.

Floriade 2002 is open until October 20 and more than three million visitors are expected, of which around one million will travel from outside the Netherlands.

(Released: April 4 , 2002)