media release

Bridging the Gap

Akzo Nobel’s International Protective Coatings business is supplying products for a new bridge which will link two European countries.

The company is supplying around 30,000 liters of paint to protect the 680-meter long Svinesunds bridge between Sweden and Norway.

It’s the third major bridge on the E6 road between Copenhagen in Denmark and Oslo in Norway to be coated by International Protective Coatings, the other two being the 16 kilometer long Oresunds bridge—which links Sweden and Denmark—and the Sunningesunds bridge in Sweden.

The Svinesunds project involves the coating of 60,000 square meters of steel using a variety of products, including Interzinc® 72, Intercure® 420, Interthane® 990 and Interseal® 670HS.

It was the excellent track record of the International products used on the Oresunds and Sunningesunds bridges, along with an independent test report from the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute on the company’s approved exterior coating system, which ensured that International products were chosen for the new project.

If all goes according to schedule, the Svinesunds bridge will open to traffic on June 7, 2005, exactly 100 years to the day after the union between Sweden and Norway was dissolved.

Both the Swedish Crown Princess Viktoria and the Norwegian Crown Prince Haakan are expected to attend the opening ceremony.

(Released: October 16, 2003)