Bringing subtropical vibes to Amsterdam port

The new luxury hotel is the pinnacle of sustainable architectural design. The glassy exterior façade houses a subtropical garden and serene wooden interiors created using our sustainable adhesives.

The Jakarta Hotel is located in the eastern port area of Amsterdam, on an artificial island called “Java” – a nod to the city’s historical shipping link to Indonesia. The former docks turned residential area has a breath-taking view over the bay and IJ River, making it the perfect location for a relaxing getaway.

On entering the hotel, guests find an environment inspired by the natural environment and atmosphere of the subtropics, including an inner courtyard garden and wood interiors. It’s the only place you’ll find in the Netherlands using this particular 30-meter-high load-bearing construction. By using all natural, certified wood treated with colorless glaze, the hotel really brings the feeling of nature indoors.

As a climate-neutral, BREEAM Excellent certified building, Jakarta Hotel has a number of sustainable features integrated into the design. No detail has been overlooked. For example, even the melamine adhesive from AkzoNobel that bonds the hotel’s laminated wood components helps contribute to its sustainable standing.

That adhesive, GripPro Plus, was used by the company Derix Group to produce the structural laminated timber for the hotel. An advantage of the product is that there is no measurable difference in harmful emissions between the glued laminated timber and natural wood since the adhesive contains almost no free formaldehyde.

“For many years, we are proud to be an industry leader in developing products and technologies that are helping create more green buildings. Our product innovation is increasingly focused on bringing more sustainable benefits to our customers. This is why we are glad to have been able to provide Derix Group the high-quality products they needed from GripPro Plus – contributing to the project’s overall sustainability ambitions in addition to helping create a stunning visual effect,” says Philipp Riedl, Segment Manager Adhesives at AkzoNobel.

Other sustainable features include a rainwater collection basin for the indoor subtropical garden and solar cells integrated into the glass façade to supply electricity and hot water.

For more information about AkzoNobel’s GripPro wood adhesives, please visit https://woodadhesives.akzonobel.com.