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Cees Van Lede Opens Nasdaq

Akzo Nobel CEO Cees van Lede opens the day's trading on the Nasdaq stock market in New York.

Akzo Nobel CEO Cees van Ledeopened the day's trading on the Nasdaq stock market in New York on Monday, September 16.

The CEO was accompanied by Hans Vemer,General Manager of Akzo Nobel’s human healthcare business Organon, whose headquarters recently relocated from the Netherlands to Roseland, New Jersey.

Van Lede—who is in his last year as CEO and will be succeeded by former Dutch cabinet minister Hans Wijers early next year—was warmly welcomed by Nasdaq Chairman and CEO Hardwick Simmons.

After being presented with a commemorative gift, Mr. Van Lede went on to officially open the start of trading at theexchange which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year.

With more than 5,000 companies listed, Nasdaq’s track record since its launch in 1971 as the first electronic stock market has been nothing short of phenomenal. And despite the recent market downturn, the exchange accounts for a greater dollar volume and trades more shares every day than any other U.S. market.

More than anything, the introduction of the Nasdaq signaled an unprecedented boom in share ownership amongst the general public that has continued to this day and has made the exchange a household name in the United States and particularly New York where it has a massive trading billboard in Times Square.

Van Lede's tight schedule during his visit to New York also included interviews with leading business and newspaper journalists and television channels.

(Released: September 17, 2002)

Photographs: © Copyright 2002, The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.