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Company Commended For Sponsorship Program

One of Akzo Nobel's sponsorship programs has been commended for its support of culture and the arts in Europe.

CEREC, the European Committee for Business, Arts and Culture has named Akzo Nobel as one of three nominated companies commended for the 2003 award for innovative business sponsorship of the arts and culture.

The jury—consisting of distinguished individuals in the arts—nominated Akzo Nobel for its sponsorship program Akzo Nobel for Young Talent, which gives talented young musicians the chance to perform with renowned orchestras around the world.

In its statement, the jury said that Akzo Nobel’s program was a “precious stepping stone for young talents” and praised it as being “well integrated within the different company branches.”

Since the start of the Akzo Nobel for Young Talent program in 1994, 30 concerts have been held around the world, promoting 18 young soloists.

The concert locations include The Hague, Singapore, Shanghai, Chicago, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Birmingham (UK) and Brussels. The outright winner of this year’s CEREC award, which was presented in Florence recently, was Sappi, the leading paper manufacturer.

The two other nominated companies were Lundbeck (Ireland) and Pedrollo (Italy). CEREC (Comité Européen pour le Rapprochement de I’Economie e la Culture) is a network of national associations throughout Europe promoting business support for the arts.

(Released: December 2, 2003)