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Consumer votes for Flexa Color Tester as Product of the Year

AkzoNobel has won the Dutch Best Product of the Year 2016-2017 award in the paints category for the Flexa Color Tester, a mini roller that helps consumers test color choices before they buy. The contest is one of the largest Dutch consumer award events in which consumers determine the year’s best products.

“After recently winning the ‘Gouden Noot’ for the most innovative packaging, we are now awarded the prize for ‘Best Product of the Year 2016-2017,”’ says Annemiek te Grotenhuis, Marketing Manager Flexa. “Whereas the Gouden Noot is awarded by jury review, in this award selection process, the consumers have truly spoken by casting their votes.”

“We marketed the Flexa Color Tester in order to grow consumer confidence in testing and choosing paint colors,” te Grotenhuis continues. “Winning this award is an essential confirmation for us that we are really meeting consumers’ needs in choosing the right color.”

The Flexa wet testers are one of a series of marketing tools that help inspire customers to make confident color choices. Other examples include the award-winning Visualizer app, and AkzoNobel’s Color of the Year, as well as innovative products that can prevent damage, resist dirt or keep homes cooler.

Flexa Kleurtester - vierkant achter je keuze

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