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Crazy For New Coating

A new temporary coating which can be peeled off after use has been developed by Akzo Nobel.

Akzo Nobel’s Car Refinishes business has developed a new elasticized coating which can be peeled off after use.

Crazy Car Colors is a unique patented temporary finish which can be applied by brush or spray gun and easily removed days or weeks later without damaging the original surface.

Ideal for giving vehicles a temporary makeover, the product was used during the recent Giro Italia—one of the leading cycling races in the world—when five cars were painted pink.

It was also put to good use when Dutch prince Willem Alexander married his Argentine bride Maxima—a number of buses belonging to the Amsterdam transport authority were painted orange.

Only available through Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes Nederland for special projects at present, the product, which is currently available in eight colors—red, yellow, blue, green, white, black, pink and orange—will be more widely available in the coming months.

Crazy Car Colors can be used on most surfaces and can easily be wiped off after being heated. Residue can be removed as household chemical waste. More details about the product can be found at (Dutch language only).

(Released: June 24, 2002)

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