media release

Dissolvine Expertise Proves Irresistible

Swedish paper manufacturers Holmen have enlisted the help of Akzo Nobel’s Dissolvine group in the implementation of a new environmental project.

Dissolvine, suppliers of EDTA chelating agents, have been selected by Holmen Paper to assist with the modification and field studies for the carrying out of EDTA-removal in their biological effluent treatment plant in Hallstavik.

Holmen use Dissolvine’s EDTAs (chemicals that control the concentration or effects of metal ions) in their paper manufacture, but some of the chemical gets washed out in the waste water.

Holmen’s commitment to environmental responsibility has resulted in them seeking the help of Dissolvine’s patented technology for the removal of the remaining chelates in the new water treatment plant, which is currently under construction.

“After reviewing the available products and technology in this field, we chose the Dissolvine group based on their advanced knowledge in the EDTA removal area,” explained Holmen Paper project manager, Martin Åberg.

Added Hans Roes, Holmen Paper’s purchasing manager: “An important part of our purchasing policy is to select suppliers capable of contributing to our company’s technical development. The Dissolvine Group of Akzo Nobel has shown us tested technology which has enabled us to select them as partner in this important environmental project.”

EDTAs can be found in a wide variety of applications, including photo processing chemicals and stabilizing agents in the food industry.

(Released: May 30, 2001)