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Education Fund Projects Completed

Thousands of children in China and the Phillipines are benefiting from two projects set up by Akzo Nobel's Education Fund.

Thousands of children in China and the Philippines are benefiting from two projects set up by Akzo Nobel’s Education Fund ’94 .

The fund—supported by the expertise of child poverty charity Plan International—was set up in 1994 to help finance special projects designed to encourage the education of young people in developing countries.

Supported by voluntary contributions from theAkzo Nobel'semployees and a significant annual contribution from the Board of Management, specially selected programs are announced every year, all of which aim to assist deprived youngsters in their schooling.

Final reports for two of these projects—set up in the fiscal year 2001-2002—have been completed which reveal that a total of USD 70,000 has been spent to provide desperately needed educational facilities.

In three remote areas of the Philippines—Ilagan, Paliueg and Villa Imelda—children used to walk for more than an hour to reach the nearest school, which caused major problems during the rainy season.

Now two new primary schools have been built—one in Paliueg, the other in Villa Imelda—which will make life easier for more than 300 families. Some of the USD 20,000 spent on this project was also used to buy 130 children’s armchairs for the schools.

The second completed project, in Shaanxi, China, was set up to help solve a chronic shortage of desks and benches in nearly 100 schools in a total of nine townships.

In all, USD 50,000 was provided which paid for 2,003 sets of desks and benches, 1,317 desks and 1,415 benches. More than 13,000 pupils are benefiting from the new equipment.

Akzo Nobel’s Education Fund is currently involved in more than 20 projects worldwide, all of which target areas where educational facilities are seriously lacking.

(Released: February 24, 2003)