media release

Eka Acts to Protect Patent

Eka Chemicals, Akzo Nobel’s Swedish-based pulp and paper chemicals business, has taken legal action in France and Sweden to protect its patent rights for Compozil®, a retention system with collidal silica sol used in papermaking.

Injunctions have been sought against Nalco France and Nalco Chemical, Sweden, to prevent them from supplying and marketing the product Nalco 8692 for use in papermaking.

The actions follow analyses of the product, which concluded that Nalco 8692 infringes Eka’s basic Compozil® patent and a later European Compozil® patent protecting silica sols.

Nalco 8692 was the subject of a patent litigation last year when The Court of Appeal in The Hague ruled that the product should be considered as a colloidal silica sol within the meaning of Eka’s basic European Compozil® patent. A preliminary injunction was granted prohibiting Nalco from marketing Nalco 8692 for use in the patented process in the Netherlands.

“We take this legal action since we are convinced that the courts of other European countries would take a decision similar to the one taken by The Court of Appeal in the Hague,” said Byron Smith, vice-president of paper chemicals at Eka. “We are determined that all patents held by Eka should be respected.”

The Compozil® patents relate to an innovative papermaking process which was developed and introduced by Eka during the 1980s. Today, more than 24 million tons of paper are produced globally with Compozil®.

(Released: April 6, 2001)