media release

Eka Chemicals Enters Partnership With Ecochlor

Eka Chemicals has signed exclusive agreements with Ecochlor Inc to develop and market systems to treat ballast water, based on proven chlorine dioxide technology.

Based in the USA, Ecochlor holds the patent and patents pending on the use of chlorine dioxide to treat ballast water, while Eka—Akzo Nobel's pulp and paper chemicals business—holds patents on a key precursor chemical, Purate®, and process equipment used to generate chlorine dioxide.

International standards requiring the treatment of ballast water are currently being adopted, and in the USA, a number of states have passed, or are in the process of passing, laws mandating the treatment of ballast water.

"We are proud that Ecochlor has selected us to partner with them in this new market area, said Dr Patrick Bryant, General Manager of Eka's Purate business.

“Chlorine dioxide has been used on land to safely treat wastewater and drinking water for 50 years. The combination of our intellectual property positions and Eka's worldwide supply make for a winning relationship for us and ship owners who will have to comply with international laws regulating the discharge of ballast water."

Founded in 2001, Ecochlor has developed proprietary ballast water treatment systems that have been specifically designed to safely and economically eliminate the worldwide transfer of aquatic invasive species.

These foreign invaders pose severe environmental, economic and public health issues and are now a major international concern. For more than a hundred years, ocean-going vessels have been designed to carry ballast water to facilitate stability and safe maneuverability.

Since the 1970's, however, with the advent of larger, faster ships and the globalization of trade, the amount of ballast water being used and discharged around the world has increased dramatically.

(Released: September 2, 2004)