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Eka Chemicals Takes Over at Mill

Akzo Nobel's Pulp and Paper Chemicals business has taken over responsibility for chlorine dioxide production at a mill in Sweden.

Eka Chemicals, Akzo Nobel’s Pulp and Paper Chemicals business, has signed an agreement to take over responsibility for chlorine dioxide production at a mill in Sweden.

The agreement with Vallviks Bruk AB, part of the Rottneros Group, means that Eka Chemicals will take over the entire chlorine dioxide process at the mill.

Launched three years ago, the concept involves Eka Chemicals functioning as a total supplier, providing all the necessary expertise for the supply of chemicals and different technologies.

Once the new system is operational at the Vallvik mill, process monitoring will be carried out by remote control from Eka’s chlorine dioxide technology center in Sundsvall, Sweden, which is manned by experts 24 hours a day.

“The existing SVP LITE process at Vallvik will be rebuilt and optimized in line with our experience from a large number of similar plants around the world,” explained Jan Stålbrand, corporate account manager at Eka Chemicals.

“The generation of chlorine dioxide involves a considerable amount of chemicals handling and this is not the core business of the mill. As a chemicals producer, we have extensive experience of running chemical processes rationally and this concept allows our chlorine dioxide customers to focus on pulp and paper manufacture.”

 Vallvik is the 11th mill in Europe to simplify operations by handing over the running of the chlorine dioxide process to Eka Chemicals, along with two plants in Brazil.

(Released: July 11, 2002)

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