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Employee On Peace Mission

Akzo Nobel employee Rachel Tocklu will be missing from her desk for six months after flying out to Ethiopia as part of the UN peacekeeping force.

A product steward who works in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, Rachel is acting as a translator for the Dutch unit of the UN force, which is helping to maintain peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea, who have been fighting over a disputed area of land.

Rachel, who lives in Rotterdam, is from Eritrea and also spent time in Ethiopia, so she feels a certain duty to help settle the conflict.

“Her background is very important to her and she saw it as a way of giving something back to her mother country,” explained Dave Buckland, who is Rachel’s boss at the regulatory affairs department in Amersfoort.

“It was an opportunity to give some sort of assistance and she very much wanted to do it when the opportunity arose.”

Before she left for her six-month tour of duty, Rachel—who celebrated her birthday during her first few weeks in Africa—was given the rank of lieutenant in the Marines.

Since arriving her duties have been many and varied. Most of her time has been spent translating and interpreting, but she has also been helping out on shopping trips and is due to take a helicopter flight to assist in her task of translating Chinook rescue procedures.

Rachel is due back at work in June.

(Released: February 13, 2001)