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Expert Handed University Role

An Akzo Nobel coatings expert has been appointed as a Visiting Professor at one of Europe's leading Marine Technology centers.

An Akzo Nobel marine coatings expert who pioneered the development of International’s tin-free antifoulings has been appointed to the staff of one of the UK’s top educational establishments.

Colin Anderson, who joined International in 1976 as a polymer chemist, has been made a Visiting Professor in the Department of Marine Technology at Newcastle University, one of the leading Marine Technology centers in Europe.

“I am delighted to have been honored with this title,” he said. “We have had links with the university for a number of years, but this is something special which everyone involved should benefit from.”

As part of his new position, Colin—who became a paint chemist specializing in antifouling paints within two years of joining International—has been lecturing on marine coatings to MSc students studying naval architecture and ship design.

“This is an important opportunity for International because it means that these students will be learning about more than just designing ships,” he added. “I’ll be making them aware of the coating technologies that exist which help to protect vessels from corrosion and fouling in the marine environment.

“As possible ship owners of the future, it’s something they need to be familiar with—so that they can become our customers one day!”

Now Business Manager—Antifoulings, Worldwide Marine, based at Felling in Gateshead, Colin is also an industrial supervisor to International-sponsored Ph.D students at the university.

(Released: January 9, 2002)