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Explorer en route to Antarctica

Polar explorer and environmental campaigner Robert Swan has set off for Antarctica where he will survive for two weeks on renewable energy—prior to the arrival of the Akzo Nobel team and their fellow 2041 expedition members. 

Swan and a small advanced party left Ushuaia in Argentina yesterday, destination King George Island and the E-Base which he inaugurated last year at Russia’s Bellingshausen Station.

 “This is an absolutely historic moment for all of us on the E-Base team,” he said before setting off to cross the notorious Drake Passage. “We are going to Antarctica and we are going to live for nearly three weeks at our E-Base, relying entirely on renewable energy for our power source. This has never been done in Antarctic history. It’s going to be a fantastically interesting few weeks.”

The E-Base is a sustainable green building, constructed from carefully selected post-consumer recycled materials. It is Antarctica’s first dedicated educational base and its purpose is to inspire a global audience to tackle the issue of climate change.

“Using renewable energy is the key to our survival on Earth,” continued Swan, who will be broadcasting daily dispatches via a special interactive website. “If we can make it work in Antarctica, we should be able to make it work anywhere in the world.”

The 12 Akzo Nobel team members who are part of the 2041 organization’s 2008 Leadership On the Edge expedition are due to leave Ushuaia along with all the other participants on March 15. They will join up with Swan at Bellingshausen two days later. 

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