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Global Approval Secured

The Car Refinishes business of Akzo Nobel has clinched its first ever international agreement after signing a worldwide approval deal with Volkswagen for its Sikkens products and services.

Akzo Nobel’s Car Refinishes business has clinched its first international agreement after securing a contract with Volkswagen AG on the worldwide approval of its Sikkens paint products and services.

The global recommendation was finalized after rigorous testing by Volkswagen to ensure the highest quality standards across a number of country-specific conditions.

“We are absolutely delighted to have secured a global agreement which creates a uniform regulation on the use of our products and clearly defines our cooperation with Volkswagen worldwide,” said Manfred Eckert, AAM Car Refinishes Germany.

“While we have signed local technical and commercial agreements in the past, this is our first global agreement, assuring that our Sikkens products are technically approved for use by Volkswagen bodyshops and are covered by Volkswagen technical warranties.”

Car Refinishes is now working with Volkswagen AG to develop specific service package solutions for individual countries.

(Released: December 11, 2001)