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Gunning For a Comeback

A little piece of World War II history is being restored to its former glory with a bit of help from Akzo Nobel.

A project to restore a World War II vessel to its former glory is receiving significant help from Akzo Nobel.

is well underway on the restoration of a Second World War Motor Gun Boat at the Marchwood-based British Military Powerboat Trust (BMPT). Built in 1942 by the British Power Boat Company, the 21-meter MGB 81 was part of the 8th MGB Flotilla operating from Dartmouth.

International was approached last year about contributing to the restoration effort, which was nothing new, as the BMPT had previously used the company’s products on an earlier restoration of a WWII air/sea rescue launch.

International provided around half a ton of its professional Epiglass epoxy resin system, which has been used for gluing, laminating and impregnation so that the MGB 81 can be returned to the water.

Said BMPT technical advisor, Phil Clabburn: “We are immensely grateful for both the product support and the technical back-up we have been given by International. Without this assistance, the standard and speed of restoration could not have been achieved.”

(Released: January 15, 2002)