Insider knowledge

by Kathryn Ledson, Global Marketing Director, Consumer Paints

One question I get asked quite often is how can paint make a building greener?

I have to admit, I like this question, as it gives me a chance to explain the many sustainable benefits our products have to offer – in addition to the more obvious impact of color.

How paint fits into the picture isn’t always apparent to people, and I suppose that’s because when we think of a green building, we think of buildings that are inherently designed to make the best use of natural resources – such as energy and water. What I try to explain is that green buildings are also designed to be beneficial in terms of their internal ecosystems.  

We spend much of our day in workplaces that should be designed to let our minds thrive and bring economic benefits to the businesses we work in. The color and the design of a building has the potential to ensure that employees can work in comfort, contributing to them feeling motivated and helping them be more productive – an uplifting workplace encourages inspiration for ideas.

Over and above contributing to mental health and well-being, paint also has other health benefits for a greener building. Take Dulux Forest Breath, for example. It’s an interior paint which contains plant-based ingredients that help to effectively purify harmful air pollutants. It’s also 99.99% anti-bacterial, so it helps to create a healthy indoor environment.

In Asia, we’ve also launched our Dulux BioCare range, which contains innovative “green source emulsion” sourced from natural ingredients, such as corn and cassava. It replaces part of the petroleum-based raw material in the emulsion and has obtained the USDA Certified Biobased Product label.

This really underlines the pioneering stance we’ve taken on sustainability, and that’s before you think of all of the work we’ve done as a business to move appliers, specifiers and building owners away from solvent-based paints and more towards water-based formulas.

I’ve already spoken about indoor air quality, but let’s move onto increased energy efficiency another well-documented way in which our products can contribute to greener buildings. 

Our Dulux Weathershield range of exterior paints – developed after years of careful research – has been a very successful part of our portfolio. It’s formulated with our revolutionary KeepCool technology, so as well as providing ultimate protection outside, it can also keep interior temperatures up to 5°C cooler. It does this by deflecting up to 85% more UV rays than other conventional exterior paints.

All of these examples are about helping to enhance the performance of a building (and ultimately reducing costs), while at the same time having a positive impact on the people inside. That’s why we’re continuously raising the bar when it comes the quality of our products, our leadership in color and our commitment to cutting-edge consumer solutions.

So to round things off, I suppose you could say we’re passionate about working with customers in the field of greener buildings, and there are many ways in which we can harness our innovation capabilities around the world, to the benefit of the people using them.