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Interpon Goes Green With New Logo

The color expertise and environmental benefits of the company’s Interpon powder coatings both feature prominently in the brand's new logo, which was launched recently.

Interpon’s original logo has been revitalized to embody the product’s key characteristics and now includes the wording Every Color is Green. The text highlights the fact that as concerns over sustainability and climate change continue to grow, the benefits offered by environmentally-friendly coatings have never been more important.

“We want to remind our stakeholders of the environmental benefits that Interpon offers,” explained AkzoNobel Powder Coatings General Manager Rob Molenaar. “Like us, many companies now have sustainability targets as part of their corporate goals and we are looking forward to helping them achieve this through the use of a green technology.

“The key aspects of choosing a coating are appearance, durability, cost and environmental impact, and we feel we can offer an optimum choice in each category.”

Interpon products contain no VOCs, generate less waste during application than liquid paints and advances such as particle management technology offer even further environmental benefits when compared with traditional powders.

“We’re proud of our environmental credentials and we feel Every Color Is Green underlines what Interpon is about,” continued Molenaar. “It’s an interesting statement. It makes you think. Literally speaking, every color is not green, but every single powder – and every single color we produce – is green in the environmental sense. And that’s worth shouting about.”

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