media release

Lilac Leads Research Findings

Garden lovers planning ahead for next summer might be interested to learn that lilac has been singled out as the coolest color for outdoor living.

Independent research conducted by Manchester University in the UK for Akzo Nobel’s Sadolin® woodstain brand has revealed that lilac is the color for gardens.

According to the findings, lilac lovers have cool charisma, are inspired by the light of dawn or dusk and those who choose it are likely to be lucky in love and romance.

“We are seeing lilac as the choice made by people who prefer flowers to trees and greenery,” explained Donna Waites, Retail Marketing Manager at Sadolin.

“The garden is their paintbox and they don’t feel limited by nature or her green backlight. Color and texture in the garden allows expression and creativity and modern wood finishes have responded to this by offering much more than protection. They can be used to blend in or stand out in the garden.

 “Gone are the days when coloring wood in the garden was a chore that created a sense of permanence,” she added. “Habits are changing and many people think about adding color in the garden in the same way they might add color to a room in the home. A dramatic effect can be achieved in a weekend.”

For useful tips on how to bring lilac into your lives, visit the special Sadolin Second Nature website.

(Released: September 30, 2003)