Making sport more accessible

Why we teamed up with the Cruyff Foundation

As preferred paint supplier to an organization set up by Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff, we’re helping children around the world gain access to safe sporting facilities.

A winning combination

Open spaces refresh the soul of a city, giving people much-needed places to play, linger and mingle.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Cruyff Foundation, which was established in 1997 by famous Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff. The partnership enables AkzoNobel to support the Foundation’s projects to make sport more accessible to children around the world.

As one of the leading partners and the preferred coatings supplier of the Cruyff Foundation, we’re helping to create safe sporting environments in communities across the globe through what are known as Cruyff Courts. These are small-scale facilities set up in city neighborhoods that often lack a safe environment for children to play.

More than 200 have already been established, with AkzoNobel having recently been heavily involved in the launch of courts in Brazil, Spain and Italy.


“To have a good life later on, you need to move yourself around,” explains Cruyff. “That’s why these places for children to go to, to be safe, just run around and play and do whatever they want, is fantastic for their future.”


As well as enabling people to live healthier lives, providing open spaces for them to meet, rest and play is vital to creating dynamic, creative and socially cohesive urban environments.

They give energy to a city and, in the case of the Cruyff Courts, allow AkzoNobel to give something back to local communities in many of our key markets.

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