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Malala Yousafzai receives 2013 International Children's Peace Prize

The International Children's Peace Prize – which includes a €100,000 project fund sponsored by AkzoNobel – was today officially awarded to 2013 winner Malala Yousafzai by Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman.

Malala (16), became widely known when, aged 11, she wrote a blog under a pseudonym for the BBC highlighting her passion for school and the oppression of the Taliban in Pakistan. Following a targeted attempt on her life by the Taliban, Malala was severely wounded and fled to England, where she now lives and goes to school.

Established by the Dutch KidsRights Foundation, the award is accompanied by a prize fund which has been sponsored by AkzoNobel since 2012. This year, the fund will be used to support projects that aim to improve access to education for girls in Pakistan.

AkzoNobel CEO Ton Büchner was at today’s ceremony held in The Hague, The Netherlands, when Malala received her award.
“I was delighted to attend the ceremony and am grateful that I had the opportunity to congratulate Malala on her extraordinary achievements,” he said.

“Everyone should have the right to reach their full potential and she is an inspiration to young people everywhere. We are very pleased to be associated with such a special award and I’m sure the AkzoNobel Children’s Peace Fund will be of invaluable help to many deserving projects.” 

Marc Dullaert, Chairman and Founder of the KidsRights Foundation, added: "The winners of the International Children’s Peace Prize have proven that any child is able to change and to move the world. Each one of them has successfully fought to solve problems such as child slavery, poverty and the lack of access to education and healthcare.”

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