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Milestone For Methanor

A methanol manufacturing business—which is operated as a three-way joint venture including Akzo Nobel—has reached a 20 million ton production milestone.

Methanor Vof, based in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, reached the landmark figure at the end of August, 30 years after the business was established in 1974.

If this volume of product was put into a fleet of road tankers (carrying around 20 tons each), the queue of trucks would be 18,000 kilometers long, or roughly the distance from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to Auckland in New Zealand.

“We are very proud of our 20 million ton milestone and also proud of our 30th anniversary this year,” said W.B. van den Bos, general manager of Methanor Vof.

Methanol is applied in a wide range of applications, including formaldehyde, which is used to produce glues and resins.

Methanor, which operates two production lines at the Chemical Park in Delfzijl, is a joint venture between Akzo Nobel, Dynea and DSM.

(Released: September 3, 2004)