Nature in the driving seat

How our Ecosel road salt additive is making driving safer

Our scientists have mimicked the ability of some animals to withstand the cold and developed an additive for road salt which makes driving safer.

Inspired by nature

Winter can play havoc with road pavements, resulting in dangerous driving conditions and hefty repair bills for road authorities. So anything that can help prevent cracks and what’s known as raveling (loss of material from the surface) is likely to make roads considerably safer while also saving money.

Inspired by the ability of some animals to prevent ice forming in their bodies, scientists at our Industrial Chemicals business have developed an innovative additive for salt, which is known as Ecosel AsphaltProtection.

Prevents frost damage

Fully biodegradable, it prevents the development of frost damage to road surfaces by slowing the freezing process, resulting in soft, slushy ice rather than hard, abrasive ice.

Substantial savings

The product can prevent up to 50 percent of raveling development caused by frost – leading to substantial savings in maintenance and repair budgets, less disturbance to traffic and lifetime extension of asphalt, not to mention safer and better conditions for drivers.