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New AkzoNobel color trend guide reveals the extra in the ordinary

Experts at AkzoNobel have found the extra in the ordinary to create their latest color and trend guide, which will help to transform the look and feel of your next smartphone, tablet or car interior.

All is revealed in the tenth edition (E10) of the company’s annual research into color and design trends for coatings in the consumer electronics, automotive and lifestyle markets.

the first time, the design team has also created a Color of the Year, Smooth Copper, which was selected in cooperation with the Aesthetics Center run by AkzoNobel’s Decorative Paints business.

“Our global design team searches the world for the tones that make people talk,” explains Stephie Sijssens, Performance Coatings Color Design Manager. “We translate these into four key trends, eight palettes and 72 color effects and textures. We want to inspire our industrial customers to develop together the colors, effects and textures that tell the story of the future.”

adds that the key trend for 2015 is Extraordinary. “We look for beauty in what we have; uniqueness in what’s already there and find the extra in the ordinary. Color and material trends are moving into a sophisticated direction – elegant and playful at the same time, with attention for details. Designers are looking for different textures and tactile aspects to create subtle contrasts, or they find inspiration in the vivid accents of fashion and sport accessories.”

of the 2015 trend is bright, almost neon, accents with a matte finish. Metallic effects are also back, while the more classic silver range is now complemented by different shades of browns and golds – including Smooth Copper.

four key trends identified in the latest E10 report are: 

  • Living through layers – inspired by the digital world, including mirror effects, kaleidoscopic patterns and subtle interference pigments
  • Big nature, small me – exploring deep, natural colors and rough, sanded textures
  • Unseen luxury – a reinterpretation of luxury, combining warm tone metallics with natural stone effects
  • The currency of sharing – happy colors, soft neons, complemented by plain greys and milky transparency
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