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New AkzoNobel ingredient eases regulatory pressure on detergent makers

Detergent manufacturers can now meet strict environmental regulations relating to the use of phosphates following the launch of a new ingredient developed by AkzoNobel’s Chelates business.


The product – Dissolvine M-40 – is a chelating agent with a readily biodegradable active ingredient (known as MGDA) which is more sustainable than some current alternatives. It will enable the detergent industry to meet stringent rules requiring the removal of phosphate builders in their formulations, without compromising on performance.

“MGDA offers excellent ecological and cleaning properties to the detergent industry,” explained Sergio Vieira, one of the Project Managers at AkzoNobel’s Chelates business. “It is fast-working and is an ideal replacement for ingredients under regulatory pressure, such as phosphates.” He adds that Dissolvine M-40 also outperforms other widely-used builders, such as citrates.

“Dissolvine M-40 is a high performance and essential ingredient that delivers key environmental benefits,” said Werner Fuhrmann, AkzoNobel’s Executive Committee member responsible for Specialty Chemicals. “Launching the product represents a clear portfolio optimization and strengthens the company’s position as one of the leaders in the chelates industry. Establishing this unique position is of strategic importance to our Specialty Chemicals business and underlines our commitment to AkzoNobel’s Planet Possible approach to making a positive and lasting impact on a more sustainable planet.”

The introduction of MGDA now gives AkzoNobel a complete range of readily biodegradable chelating agents for the detergent industry, complementing its Dissolvine GL series (GLDA based), which has proven to have exceptional performance in liquid detergents.

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