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New AkzoNobel innovations offer benefits for Indian crop protection industry

Some of the main challenges facing the crop protection industry in India are being addressed by new product innovations developed by AkzoNobel.

The company recently launched Adsee 1629 and Agrilan 788, which are designed to play an essential role in safeguarding food supply by helping herbicide producers to improve quality and efficiency while doing more with fewer resources.

As well as offering excellent compatibility and versatility, Adsee 1629 helps herbicides to maintain consistent quality, as well as enabling maximum penetration into the plant for optimal effectiveness. Agrilan 788 addresses the increasing need for dispersants in suspension concentrates, which is a growing formulation type in India due to its safety and sustainability profile.

Rajiv Rao, Director of AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals India said: “The growing per capita consumption and demand for agriculture-related chemicals makes India an important market for us. There is also a growing market for herbicides in India, due to increased mechanization. Adsee 1629 and Agrilan 788 are great examples of how our scientists around the world work closely with customers to develop sustainable solutions for the challenges people face every day."

Continued Rao: “Thanks to Adsee 1629, producers can now reap the rich benefits of simplified production, efficient inventory, decreased working capital and a reduction in the amount of raw materials used. It’s an effective substitute for pesticide producers, who would normally use three or four different herbicide formulations.” 

He added that the launch of Agrilan 788 is significant because customers are facing an increasing need to develop products that minimize farmers’ work and protect crops against multiple weeds and diseases.

The introduction of the two new ingredients also highlights AkzoNobel’s commitment to supporting the growth of its customers in emerging economies. 

“India is a dynamic and fast growing-market,” said Per Ahlund, Marketing and Sales Manager for the company’s Agro activities in the EMEIA region. “There’s a strong match between AkzoNobel and the region’s need for sustainable growth. We are therefore committed to this market and are increasing our presence and resources in this part of the world.”

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