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New Antifouling Launched

Akzo Nobel’s International Paint business has launched a new bright white version of its thin film antifouling VC17m Extra, a product which is designed especially for racing yachts and power boats.

Described as the only antifouling that fast boats will need, VC17m Extra is a specialist performance antifouling formulated with Teflon®, which provides a slick, low friction hull surface to maximize speed and fuel efficiency in the water.

Until now, the product has only been available in a graphite finish, but for the new season, European customers will have the option of a new bright white version.

“So much background research and rigorous testing has gone into the development of this product and we are confident of its ability,” said Boris Webber, sales support manager for the UK Yacht Division of International Paint.

“This is a high technology product and we anticipate great interest and results from its antifouling capabilities.”

The new coating—which is quick-drying and easier to apply than traditional antifoulings—was formally launched at a recent trade show staged in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

(Released: February 24, 2005)

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