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New Asian Joint Venture

A new joint venture has been formed in Asia by Akzo Nobel's Polymer Chemicals business which will involve the construction of a new factory in China.

Akzo Nobel’s Polymer Chemicals business has formed a new joint venture in Asia in the field of organic peroxides for thermoset resins.

To be known as Keum Jung Akzo Nobel Peroxides (KANP), the venture will be 80 percent owned by Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals and 20 percent owned by Keum Jung, a Korean organic peroxide producer.

A new plant will be built in Ningbo, China, on the premises of Coin Akzo Nobel Peroxides, another Polymer Chemicals joint venture.

“The building of this new facility fits perfectly with our strategy to be close to our customers,” said Bob Margevich, Vice President of Polymer Chemicals in Singapore. “It enables us to reduce the transport distances of chemicals and therefore increases the overall safety and reliability to customers.”

KANP will produce mainly Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP), which is used in the curing of unsaturated polyester resins for a wide range of applications. They will also produce other key raw materials for ketone peroxides.

Start up of the new factory is planned for 2004.

(Released: January 2, 2002)

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