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New Fuel Being Developed

A new bio-ethanol fuel for diesel vehicles is being developed using an additive created by Akzo Nobel's Surface Chemistry business.

Akzo Nobel is playing a major role in a research project launched in Thailand designed to develop a new bio-ethanol fuel for diesel vehicles called e-diesel.

Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry’s diesel additive technology—namely Beraid ED-10—is being used to develop the alternative fuel, a mixture of diesel oil and 10 percent crop-based ethanol.

“This is the first project outside Europe where we will be able to prove our diesel additive technology,” said Urban Lofvenberg, Akzo Nobel’s global account manager of fuel additives.

“Akzo Nobel is running and participating in two e-diesel projects in Europe and one project—which has been very successful both environmentally and technically—has just finished.”

The new project, which will run for a year, also includes significant input from private and state agencies such as Thailand’s National Metal and Materials Technology Center and the Pollution Control Department. As well as studying the properties of the new fuel—which will involve trials using three types of fuel mixtures—they will also determine its commercial viability.

“We are excited about this project and look forward to working with our Thai project partners,” added Chin Thean Seong, Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry’s Asia Pacific Marketing Manager.

“We believe that e-diesel will be a part of the fuel market in the future, especially for big cities such as Bangkok, where the cleaner fuel emission will help to improve the air quality.”

(Released: July 26, 2002)

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