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New Men at the Helm

Two major Akzo Nobel appointments have been announced.

James has taken up the position of managing director of Akzo Nobel Coatings Ltd, while Bill McPherson is the new manager of the sub business unit Powder Coatings.

change in personnel means that Philip James has assumed responsibility for Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes Ireland and Akzo Nobel Coatings Ltd in the UK.

joined the company in 1990 as marketing manager for Car Refinishes UK before taking over the helm at Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes France in 1993.

years later he was appointed general manager of Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes in Canada.

new appointment follows the recent acquisition of Mason’s Coatings’ commercial vehicle activities, with Akzo Nobel’s UK Coatings organization now operating three separate entities–Car Refinishes, Commercial Vehicle Coatings and Graphics/Livery Management.

McPherson, meanwhile, will take up his new post on January 1, when he will relinquish his current position of manager Akzo Nobel Coatings Asia Pacific.

appointment paves the way for the intended transfer of the sub business unit into a separate Powder Coatings business unit, which is scheduled to take place next July.

(Released: October 11, 2000)

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