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New Sponsorship Deal

Akzo Nobel has strengthened its sponsorship links with Dutch ballet troupe Introdans.

Under the terms of the new deal—entitled Akzo Nobel and Introdans in Duet—the dance company will enhance its international reputation by staging a series of performances in three major cities during the next three years.

The two organizations, who are both based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, began their relationship in the 1980s, when Akzo Nobel’s support of the dance troupe first started.

Since then it has grown significantly to the point where Introdans puts on a special show at the company’s Arnhem headquarters every year.

“The partnership has been so good that both parties have been looking to strengthen ties and take the relationship to an international level,” explained Ans Pot, Akzo Nobel’s advertising and sponsorship manager.

“The new deal fits our sponsorship policy by encouraging young talent internationally. We are also helping them to perform in countries where they have never appeared before.”

The only professional Dutch ballet troupe outside the triangle of The Hague, Amsterdam and Utrecht, Introdans will launch its new international program in Stockholm, Sweden, in October.

(Released: May 10, 2001)

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