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Nobilas Business Wins Award

Akzo Nobel’s Nobilas Claims & Fleet solutions business has been named International Accident Management Specialist 2005 by the UK-based Institute of Transport Management.

award—which follows the organization’s annual Research Program into standards within the fleet industry—singled out Nobilas from the rest of its competitors for its reliability of performance and customer service.

“We are delighted to present this award in recognition of the work undertaken by the company in developing and perfecting the accident management solutions, which have become an integral part of the fleet industry,” said Patrick Sheedy, Media & PR Director of the Institute.

“This award comes to an outstanding company, which created a whole new sector of the market place from the day it was launched and has been a class leader ever since.”

up in 2003, Nobilas—which is based in the Netherlands—is a business-to-business service provider combining leading car repair process management skills with claims management and fleet identity solutions. Clients include (car) insurers, car leasing companies, car rental companies and corporate car fleet owners.

“We are delighted to win the award,” added Nobilas general manager Cor de Grauw. “It is a tribute to all of our people worldwide who believed in our vision of creating efficient and transparent accident management processes and worked very hard to accomplish this. It is very satisfying to see that the industry acknowledges the huge benefits of our offer.”

Sheedy: “In honoring Nobilas the ITM is paying tribute to a company which, through its continual program of research and development in the field of accident management, is helping to raise the overall safety and professional standards of the fleet sector.

“It only remains for me to congratulate all at Nobilas on this great achievement and wish them continued success in the future.”

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