media release

Oil Platform Protected By International

Akzo Nobel has supplied protective coatings for a major offshore oil production platform which will be located near Nigeria.

Around 180,000 liters of International® products were used to coat the 12,000 ton platform, which will generate 130,000 barrels of oil per day once it is operational.

The main system used to coat the structure consisted of Interzinc® 22, Intergard® 269 and 475HS and Interthane® 990. The under-deck and jacket was fully painted with Interzone® 954.

“Ultimately, we were chosen due to our performance, products and reputation,” explained Philippe Baquet, general manager of PC Multinational Projects.

Once complete, the platform will be located on TotalFinaElf’s Amenam/Kpono offshore field.

(Released: August 6, 2003)