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Paint Can Innovation Scoops Honor

A special innovation introduced by Akzo Nobel which incorporates a roller tray into the lid of a paint can has scooped a major design honor.

The lid of the rectangular packaging transforms into a paint tray when opened, which means no paint is wasted and no cleaning is required.

Originally launched by the company’s Decorative Coatings Europe business late last year in the Netherlands only, the new design—which accommodates a standard paint roller—has since been introduced in Spain, with plans to expand into other European markets over the next few years.

“The response we’ve had since we launched the system last November has been very enthusiastic,” explained Jean-Paul Moonen, marketing manager for Deco Retail in the Netherlands.

“Our innovation strategy includes looking at what can be done with packaging, not just the paint, so one of the things we always try to look for is convenience in the eyes of the consumer, and that’s what we’re doing with this packaging.”

Only available in white wall paint at the moment, the new system—currently being used by the Dutch Flexa® and Spanish Bruguer® brands—has had a dramatic impact on sales in the few months it has been on sale.

“Our initial goal was to double our sales volume in white wall paints in the Netherlands and we’re well on the way to achieving that goal,” added Moonen. “In fact, we managed to decrease the average selling price, while increasing the added value, so we’re very pleased with the response.”

Sponsored by Business Week and run independently by the Industrial Designers Society of America, the hotly competitive IDEA contest gives global corporations the chance to test their design prowess against each other.

Three awards are presented in each category—gold, silver and bronze—with a total of 148 recipients having been honored this year.

(Released: July 6, 2005)

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