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Painting by Numbers

Employees who work for the Indian arm of Akzo Nobel’s animal healthcare business, Intervet, have spruced up the accommodation at a shelter for women and children—using paint supplied by the company’s coatings business.

Based at the Intervet India facility in Pune, the volunteers painted one of the houses belonging to the Maher project, an interfaith refuge for battered women and children from broken homes.

More than 300 liters of paint was donated by Akzo Nobel Coatings in Bangalore, who responded to a request for help from Intervet India’s Community Service Projects Committee, which supports numerous worthwhile social programs throughout the country.

“The Community Service Projects we carry out are an integral part of the business model for Intervet in India,” explained general manager, Victor van Solinge. “They are practical examples of how we can add value to the rural economy and society in general and many of our employees actually benefit either directly or indirectly from some of the schemes we become involved with.”

He added that the most recent refurbishment was part of a larger scheme, with enough Intervet volunteers standing by to paint up to five more of the shelter’s houses.

Although Maher’s main office is located around 25 kilometers outside Pune, many of their accommodation units and houses are situated close to the Intervet site. Indeed, children of company employees sometimes celebrate Christmas and birthdays with the orphans of Maher.

In the past, Intervet India has also supplied the refuge with blankets and sheets to provide warmth during winter, as well as providing a milking buffalo.

Since being set up in 1997, more than 750 women and their children have sought refuge at Maher, which has about 90 members of staff, including social workers, teachers and the house mothers who run the satellite homes.

(Released: June 2, 2005)

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