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Polymer Chemicals Joins One-Stop Shopping Site

Akzo Nobel's Polymer Chemicals business is now offering some of its products through

The business-to-business website, which was launched in 2000 and is headquartered in North Carolina, USA, now features a number of important Akzo Nobel polymer products, namely Armoslip® slip and antiblocking agents and Armostat® antistatic agents and concentrates.

“Offering Akzo Nobel’s additives through provides customers with strong partners, superb e-business capabilities and perhaps the broadest range of complimentary products from one place,” said Todd Ryne, Akzo Nobel Business Manager, Polymer Additives.

“In addition to providing a good match with our products, also offers the industry a truly unique value proposition.”

Akzo Nobel’s Polymer Chemicals business—which operates nearly 30 plants worldwide—is based in Chicago, USA.

(Released: June 19, 2002)