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Production Platform Coated by International

An offshore production platform in the Bay of Cambay in West India has been entirely coated with International® products supplied by Akzo Nobel.

More than 40,000 liters of the company’s protective coatings were used to coat the six-legged platform, which will service the Hazira gas field. The products included Interplate® 11, Interzinc® 22, Intergard® 475 and Interthane® 990.

The 1,050 ton offshore facility is situated six kilometers off the West Indian coastline near Surat. A 36-inch pipeline which runs 13-kilometers will link the offshore gas platform to an onshore processing plant.

The Hazira gas fields have an estimated gas reserve of 8.5 billion cubic meters.

(Released: August 3, 2004)

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