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Protecting Royalty in Belgium

Two Akzo Nobel business units have joined forces to play an important role in the reconstruction of part of the Royal Palace in Belgium.

Part of the Royal Palace in Laken is being reconstructed and the job of protecting the new structures from the elements has been handed to Akzo Nobel’s Marine and Protective and Decorative Coatings organizations.

Built in the 1730s, a number of conservatories were later built adjacent to the palace at the beginning of the 20th century and these fell into such bad shape that one of them came close to collapse.

The palace authorities decided to pull down one of the small conservatories and completely reconstruct it in the same style as when it was first erected. The knowledge gained from the project would then be used to help rebuild the larger conservatories.

“A project such as this has as much to do with decorative coatings as it does with protective coatings,” explained Willem de Zanger, sales manager for PC Benelux. “Rather than getting involved separately, we decided to join forces and form a team to coordinate the project.”

More than 6,000 liters of Akzo Nobel coatings were used on the small conservatory, which has now been restored to its former glory. The company will also be involved in supplying coatings for the reconstruction of the remaining and much larger conservatories.

(Released: May 8, 2002)

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