media release

Resins Clinch Strategic Alliance

Akzo Nobel Resins have struck up a global strategic alliance with the Mitsubishi Rayon Corporation in the field of high performance resins for coating and printing ink applications.

By joining forces the two companies, who have already worked together in licensing and toll manufacturing, will act as preferred partners for each other, with both resin suppliers having recognized their mutual technological and geographical strengths, which they value as being complementary.

Akzo Nobel Resins, the world’s second largest manufacturer of printing ink resins, focuses on developing and producing high performance coating and printing ink resins, while Mitsubishi Rayon is a leading supplier of acrylic resins.

The alliance between the two companies has already identified several candidate projects for joint research and development.

The first collaboration will be in the field of waterborne basecoats for the Japanese automotive OEM industry, which has decided to replace the current solvent-borne basecoats with waterborne basecoats by 2005.

Akzo Nobel has commercially proven waterborne basecoat technology and by combining this with the acrylics expertise of Mitsubishi Rayon, a new generation of waterborne basecoats will be developed to meet the stringent quality demands of the Japanese automotive industry.

Both companies will also combine their expertise and technologies to develop other new products.