media release

Russian Powder Coatings Investment Announced

Akzo Nobel is consolidating its world leadership position in powder coatings by investing EUR 9 million to build a new manufacturing facility in Russia.

at Orekhovo-Zuevo, 100 kilometers east of Moscow, the plant will supply markets throughout Russia, as well as other East European countries such as the Ukraine and Belarus.

groundbreaking ceremony was staged recently at the 50,000 square meter site, with the new factory expected to begin production during the second quarter of 2006.

“As the world’s largest manufacturer of powder coatings we are constantly striving to grow the business and strengthen our global reach,” said Rob Molenaar, General Manager of Akzo Nobel’s Powder Coatings business unit.

“This new facility will not only help to strengthen our position in Russia, but it will also create a platform for the further expansion of our activities in the region, which is one of our strategic global markets.”

added: “We have been selling powder coatings in Russia and the surrounding region for a number of years. This investment will enable us to provide comprehensive local service and support to our powder coatings customers and will certainly make us the preferred powder supplier in Russia.”

Akzo Nobel’s Coatings business is already very active in Russia, with the most recent development being the opening of a major decorative coatings factory near Moscow.