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Science Award Winners Announced

The winners of the Akzo Nobel Science Award for 2001 have been announced.

honor—which alternates annually between Sweden and the Netherlands—has been bestowed upon two Swedish professors whose outstanding research findings could soon be used to make spare parts for people, create dirt repellent surfaces and build intelligent household appliances.

Bengt Kasemo, of Chalmers University of Technology, and Professor Ingemar Lundström, of Linköping University, have been engaged in research into basic phenomena in surface physics and chemistry which blurs the boundaries between traditional scientific disciplines.

approach paves the way for more integration between scientific and technological research, with the results of their findings already being used in a wide range of applications, such as medical implants, in-vitro tissue engineering, materials technology and catalytic processes.

means that in the not too distant future, their research findings could be used to cultivate human spare parts, such as nerve fibers and cardiac valves. It could also be possible to mimic shark skin to give lower friction in fluids.

scientific possibilities are the result of the two men working at the nano and micrometer scales to prepare the surfaces for their research.

“By building and utilizing nanostructures we can perform functions and create materials, components and systems with properties that have been inconceivable until now,” explained Lundström.

two professors will receive their SEK 500,000 prize on March 22.

(Released: March 1, 2001)

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