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Sikkens Makes a Splash

Talented Norwegian artist Tommy Vågen has devised a number of inventive uses for one of Akzo Nobel’s most popular products.

42-year-old is sponsored by Sikkens via Bil & Industry Paint, who represent Akzo Nobel in Bergen, and he is planning to use the paint brand for one of his more unusual activities—painting underwater.

paints are a favorite form of expression for Tommy, who has used them in the past to hand paint a VW Beetle, as well as a mini-submarine, which he built himself to allow people to view his underwater exhibitions.

“I like to turn things upside down, stir them up a bit and question the established truths in the art world,” said Tommy, who has been sponsored by Sikkens for three years and is well-known in his native Norway.

“To be successful, I won’t hesitate to use methods that avoid tradition.”

plans to back those words up when, for his next project—a new book—he will take to an underwater diving cage to paint sharks.

(Released: December 8, 2000)

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